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BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON: Rates from $999 with Air! 
BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON: Rates from $999 with Air! 
BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON: Rates from $1,249 with Air!
BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON: Rates from $1,099 with Air! 
BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON: Rates from $999 with Air! 
Uncover magical castles, mesmerizing views along the Wild Atlantic Way, quintessentially Irish villages and more with this Irish getaway. From the cosmopolitan capital of Dublin to the enchanting Ring of Kerry; the beauty in Ireland stretches from coast to coast.

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We wanted to see Ireland but were nervous about driving. Sceptre found our chauffeur, Pat, and he knew everything about the history and geography around us… he did a great job negotiating the hairpin curves on the Ring of Kerry. Can’t imagine a better vacation!
Anna M.

With Sceptre we were able to make a vacation that was really unique. We stayed in two castles, did some serious shopping, and spent a lot of time out in nature. One of the best things about Ireland is its beautiful scenery, and we were always exactly where we wanted to be.



My customers come to me with big, beautiful vacation dreams, such as visiting the South of France or the countryside of Tuscany. With Sceptre I can find the right accommodations at a great value — and help those dreams become reality.

LAURA ALLEN, Sprite Travel

I always say that there are some things you don’t leave to chance. Our European vacation was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I am so glad we counted on Sceptre to put it together because it was perfect.”

Italy is beautiful! And we knew which days museums were closed and the best days to see the sights because our Sceptre agent was such an Italy expert. She even made restaurant suggestions for Venice, which is the area where my husband’s grandfather came from, and it turned out to be the highlight of our trip.

Ireland was wonderful!  We learned so much and had such a nice time from beginning to end.  Our driver, Cornelius, was so knowledgeable and friendly and accommodating!  Thank you for planning this very memorable vacation for us - we were beyond satisfied, it all exceeded our expectations!

Spencer D.