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About Us


Since 1981 Sceptre has been in the business of delivering happiness, and nothing makes us happier than sharing the magnificence of Europe. 


Froour family to yours, building trust and confidence one glorious vacation at a time, we design and plan the kind of custom travel experience that we ourselves would enthusiastically embrace. Because we are family-owned-and-operated, we are meticulous about every detail of every tour we craft – and we make certain that Sceptre Vacations remains the most trusted and sought after way to experience Europe. Quality, value, and excellent customer service go hand in hand with the most imaginative and exciting options you can find, with each vacation looked upon as an opportunity to share a unique and unforgettable experience with a friend.




Our goal is to inspire you, to challenge you, to help you wrap your vacation dreams in a ribbon and give them to yourself as a gift. We want you to immerse yourself in an experience that will live in your memory: adventurous or luxurious, spontaneous or tightly scheduled, exploring any corner of the Continent you choose. We want to move you – not just physically but emotionally and intellectually; to lift your spirit with the history, the beauty, the very soul of Europe.

For us, travel is a craft and quality is a tradition. We take your vacation personally and strive to ensure the perfect experience. Whether you choose the comfort of a prepackaged escorted vacation or the adventure of an expertly crafted customized independent vacation, we're with you from start to finish making sure no sight goes unseen and no convenience is overlooked. This is our priority and our privilege. 

Ready to see what the world has to show you? To slake your thirst for adventure, visit faraway places, add unique and exceptional chapters to your life story – and do it all in style? You’re in the right place: This is where it begins! 


Our Vacation Experts are skilled in creating customized itineraries that are designed to be fully immersive with a heightened focus on the local cuisine, culture and lifestyle. Your dream vacation can be crafted by them, so that you can have the meaningful and unforgettable experience that you desire. When you travel with Sceptre Tours, you and your vacation are in good hands! 



Trust. It’s what our customers expect, it’s what we deliver, and it’s the bedrock upon which we’ve built a gleaming reputation in the travel industry. We are committed to our customers, and we walk our talk every day by providing superior service and top quality products. Maybe it’s because we are a family company, and we look after our customers as if they were kin, but you should know that traveling with Sceptre Vacations means signing on for the very best travel experience available. That means friendly, experienced travel professionals who respond promptly to your calls and emails – and whose passion for travel inspires everything they do for you. It means that all of us here at Sceptre will be personally committed to making this dream vacation a reality; getting to know you and designing a vacation that will suit your every need. Rest assured that Sceptre Vacations is determined to earn your trust…that’s the Sceptre Promise.


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